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Sparkle Mentoring Program

SPARKLE Mentoring Program is a 501c(3) non-profit leadership development program serving girls of color ages 12-18, in Wake County, NC.  SPARKLE Mentoring Program works with girls to provide academic achievement, college and career training, as well as tools for serving their community.

Believe! Speak! Become!

SPARKLE stand firmly on the concept that each girl must believe in herself and have a positive outlook on life. She must speak what she believes. Positive affirmations can help shape one’s perspective. Then, our girls can take the necessary steps and utilize the tools provided in becoming what they believe and speak!

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Our mission is to provide a personal development program offered to teen girls of color 12-18. We seek to equip girls to be successful through self-awareness, educational and personal development and coping strategies through interactive workshops.


Our vision is to positively impact teen girls by providing the necessary tools to empower them to live up to their potential.

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Lack of leadership, support and mentoring amongst minority females contribute to social challenges that impact the community. SPARKLE Mentoring Program has created four important organizational goals:

Sparkle Mentoring Program Pledge


I PLEDGE to perform my best at all times

I PLEDGE to believe in myself

I PLEDGE to believe in and support my sister

I PLEDGE to work towards achieving my goals

I PLEDGE to have a positive outlook

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About Sparkle Mentoring Program

SPARKLE Mentoring Program offers a mentoring experience that focuses on helping girls build leadership skills like self-reflection, critical thinking, sound decision making, goal setting, clear communication and personal accountability. As a result, SPARKLE girls develop a true sense of their capabilities. Along with capable and dedicated mentors, SPARKLE has a Parent Liaison who will connect with parents to provide additional support and identify needs of the family.


SPARKLE Mentoring Program’s mentoring experience is a girls-only, safe space gathering that meet at least one face-to-face monthly meeting.  Mentors will conduct weekly phone calls to obtain updates and provide to Program Coordinator. SPARKLE has identified twelve topics that will be discussed during any given session. A typical session features a guided conversation/activity led by a professional.


Topics will consist of self-awareness, college & career planning, social connection, conflict resolution, financial awareness, skill development, entrepreneurship, peer support, health relationships, mental/spiritual/emotional/physical well-being, social etiquette, and public speaking.


SPARKLE Mentoring Program addresses the interconnected issues of low self-esteem, poor school performance and unhealthy relationships impact on personal choices and lifelong consequences. Through goal setting, our girls work towards achieving tangible goals. We understand that these skills are essential to success in school, work and life.


Additional program components include ongoing academic support, annual college tours, community field trips, scholarships, internships, corporate sponsors, guest speakers, and many other elements that will contribute to the girls’ overall personal development. We plan several events throughout the year including a spring fashion show, back to school bash, a helping hand for the holidays, Fundraising Banque and Care for the Cause (raise awareness on different issues, i.e. teen dating violence)

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